Connecting Technology,
Experiences and

3D digital twin technology enabling live interaction with facilities, services and people.



Here’s What We Do

SmartCitti provides digital solutions for greater management, automation and emotional wellbeing within your facility. With an integrated system harmonized with a digital twin of your business, the potential is limitless.


Fast Implementation

Our solutions can be up and running in no time, so that you can reap the full benefits of digital twin technologies straight away.

Reduced Costs

Enjoy better control, energy efficiency and sustainability through sensor usage and data analytics.

Happy People

Our people-centric tech is inclusive of all and supports comfort and happiness, to deliver productive, prosperous outcomes.

Smart Campus

Elevate your insitution, promote inclusion and increase student happiness

  • Academic and leisure venues displayed within a digital twin of the campus, with seamless interior and exterior navigation

  • Digital signage or audio for learners with disabilities

  • Realtime feedback and happiness ratings from the community

Smart Workplace

Enjoy better facilities management, while increasing employee productivity, retention and emotional wellbeing.

  • Desk, room and calendar management through integrated booking systems

  • Live footfall, predictive maintenance and facilities management

  • Realtime feedback and happiness ratings from employees

Smart Retail

Create an interactive omni-channel customer experience, helping boost store sales and customer loyalty.

  • Realtime location-based offers and services

  • 3D digital twin for interior search, navigation and route planning in large shopping complexes

  • Predictive maintenance of washroom facilities

Smart Travel

Create a truly frictionless travel experience to elevate the future of the travel sector.

  • Live arrival/departure data, with notifications of flight delays

  • Interior navigation, wayfinding and integrated concierge services

  • Dynamic billboard advertisements for promotional offers and announcements

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