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Always ask the right questions about your auto insurance (part 1)
maryam's avatar Posted by maryam
SmartCitti’s insurance experts share tips on common mistakes to avoid and the basics of choosing the right car insurance. Read more
Get a taste of the new SmartCitti experience
maryam's avatar Posted by maryam
SmartCitti is now powerful box of tools that defies the stereotypical boring approach to insurance and safety by prioritizing smart and happy living. Read more
Carolyne explains the importance of a happiness mindset
maryam's avatar Posted by maryam
is a respected life coach who has been featured in the Daily Mail, Metro and BBC. She works with the Happiness Team to shape SmartCitti’s path to enlightened happiness. Read more
What you need to know before renting
maryam's avatar Posted by maryam
Finding a new apartment to rent can be lots of fun. A little bit of preparation will ensure you end up living somewhere that’s perfect for you. Read more
Find happiness in 30 days with SmartCitti
maryam's avatar Posted by maryam
We all want to be happy, but happiness is a learning process, just like any skill. Learn to boost your happiness with expert help on how to feel happier and more energized in just 30 days. Read more
How to protect your home from wildfires
chris's avatar Posted by chris
Read our expert guide on how to protect yourself and your home from wildfires. Download our free emergency wildfire checklists. Read more
WIN best-selling book by Egypt Sherrod from Property Virgins
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Are you buying a new home? We are giving away free copies of real estate expert Egypt Sherrod's best-selling book helping you navigate the home buying process. Read more
Happiness Masterclass
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Learn expert tips on how to live happier and healthier everyday. Sign-up for SmartCitti's free happiness masterclass today. Read more

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