Smart Citti

Your happiness. 4 ways!

Leaving your happiness shouldn’t feel like a chore, and we know that some ways are more appealing than others to some. That’s why SmartCitti gives you the ability to leave your happiness 4 ways!

Tap and Hold

Picture this. The sun is shining and you’re feeling good, you’ve just found a hidden gem of a photography spot. There’s not a shop or restaurant in sight? Tap and hold and then press “Leave Happiness”. You can leave as much detail as you like, and later on when you’re trying to remember where your perfect spot was, you can track back through your personal happy map to find it! This way to leave happiness can take a little time, it all depends on how much detail you feel like leaving. Psst, if a new restaurant has opened that you’ve fallen in love with you can even add a POI for it. We’ll check the details over it, approve it and there you have it, you’re helping to Build Dubai for yourself and the community! Congrats!


Have you ever had an experience that you wanted to let people know about as soon as possible? Maybe have a favourite store that you think everyone should check out or even where to avoid? This happiness option is the place to do it! By leaving happiness on a business you allow both yourself and others to see insights into how others have experienced the business. There’s more! Rating is available for events and offers too. So if the sale you headed to was a bit disappointing, simply rate it and let others know!

Happiness Notifications

We send you notifications daily if you’ve allowed our notifications. Hopefully you’ll have seen some! Think of them as friendly prompts to let your feelings out and write them down. That way you’ll be able to look back and see why you were happy a week ago, or what store you got an amazing top in a month ago. Sometimes you just need a reminder to reflect on the day, let us be your reminder.

3D Touch- exclusively for iOS

Out of the 4 ways, this is our newest feature! We wanted to make the most of your phones, so we’ve created an option for you to simply 3D touch on our app icon. If you want to give this feature a try simply press firmly on our icon, so harder than you’d usually tap on things. A list of options will pop up, one reading “Leave Happiness”. Well, you know what to press! You can then leave happiness quickly and easily. You’ll be greeted with the familiar three moods, and once you’ve selected the appropriate you can then select why. Although you can’t add text, we wanted to give you an option that was speedy to use on the go. There you have it, happiness in four taps!

So, are you wondering what you get from leaving your happiness? Or maybe you’ve left your happiness a few times now and are still unsure about it? We allow you to see all of the happiness you have left in a feature called the ‘Happy Map’. You can look back at where you were happiest (or weren’t!). Think of the Happy Map as memories. We also want to help you find out when and where you felt the happiest, or even saddest. We intend to create each user their own personal happiness report. It will give you an overview of your happiness so the more detail you give us, the more detail we can give you in return!

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