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Why is Happiness Important to Us?

Here at SmartCitti, we pretty much live and breathe happiness.

We’re here to help make life smarter, intuitive and frictionless, with happiness at the center of everything we do.

But why happiness?

We live in a hyper-connected world of instant connectivity, hashtag overload and constant scrolling, but rates of loneliness, depression and mental health issues couldn’t be higher. Research continues to suggest that loneliness has reached ‘epidemic levels’ throughout the globe, leading to an increasingly isolated society - as opposed to a thriving, prosperous one.

We’re losing real connections with those around us.

Community spirit is declining.

Real communities are disappearing.

Here’s a quick exercise: when was the last time you felt real community spirit? The last time you spoke to someone in your area, exchanging exciting ideas and spreading positivity? The last time you felt part of something truly revolutionary?

We believe happiness always pans back to connections. Connections with memories, times or, maybe, with people. These connections, or lack of them, can form an attached emotional state, driving your happiness.

That’s why we’ve created a unique community platform, bringing people together into an immersive environment in which they can connect, collaborate, interact and create their own communities.

SmartCitti is your connector.

Technology is rapidly transforming the way we live, interact and experience special moments in our lives. And here at SmartCitti, we’re ready to use this power to drive happiness in the world today, shaping future generations to come.

Here’s how we aim to do it:

  • Our foundation is built on a shared economy, where our members share ideas, news, stories and ventures, creating happiness and prosperity for all.

  • Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, we measure anything and everything. Including your happiness!

  • We share insights and inform you of when you’re happiest. Whether it’s your favorite coffee shop, the fun yoga class you attend on wednesdays or the people you spend your time around, we’ll tell you exactly what makes you happy.

Together, we’re on a journey to create a totally connected, smart, happy community.

Together, we can create a world full of happiness.

Together, we can prosper.

Care to join us?

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