SmartCitti: Who are we?!

We know you might have seen us about on social media, it might even be how you found our website! But do you know what we do?! We’ll let you in on that right here in this blog post.

We love shopping and going on trips, seeing the sights, the usual things that most people enjoy. What we don’t like, and we think everyone agrees, is being completely lost, ESPECIALLY somewhere busy. The worst is when you just want to pop in and out of one shop (we do manage to do this sometimes!) but you can’t find it so that one simple task just eats into your day. Ugh.

So we thought we’d assist all of the people who feel the same as us, those who like preplanning, discovering new things and hey, even those who enjoy a good sale or offer (because who doesn’t?!)

That’s where the idea of an app came from. Starting with malls in Dubai, as we know how BIG they are so the chances of you getting lost are high (even you regular mall-goers struggle sometimes!) You’ll be able to explore these before you go in detail, so hopefully you won’t get lost too much!

We’ll be launching soon so keep your eyes peeled for those important download links. If you’re not following us on any social media channels you should, as you’ll hear all about the mall release there!

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