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UAE Brand Logo

The votes are in and have been counted. We have a winner! We thought we’d remind you of what the logo means in a handy little blog post! Be sure to let us know your thoughts on the logo and who you voted for! Even if your vote wasn’t for the winning logo, don’t worry as there’s a positive for you which we’ll remind you of right at the end!

So, we’ll start with how the logo looks. The winning logo consists of seven lines which are a tribute to each of the leaders who helped grow and shape the Emirates into what it is today! The leaders helped to unite everyone’s aspirations from all across the region.

Did you also notice the logo’s shape? The shape represents the UAE map, tying all of the country together. And the colour? The logo’s lines are in classic Emirati colouring. Everything has been so well thought about.

There’s a line of Arabic featured on variations of this logo, the slogan, and translated into English says “Make It Happen”. We here at SmartCitti feel that sums up the UAE amazingly, as it is the place where things happen after all, take the upcoming Expo2020 for example! No details have been spared!

Were you one of the voters? We were blown away by the amount of votes and the amount of countries they came from! 10.6 MILLION votes, from a whopping 185 countries! Those all important votes, regardless if they were votes for the winner did in fact count towards trees being planted! Approximately 10 million trees, that’s nearly a tree per vote! The trees are set to be planted in communities affected by climate change, like Nepal, for example.

So don’t be disheartened if your favourite didn’t win, just know your vote helped the environment! Don’t forget this is only the UAE’s brand logo for the next 50 years too!

Let us know your thoughts on the new UAE brand logo!

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