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The real story behind Dubai Mall’s breathtaking ‘Pearl Divers’

The Dubai Mall is surely a spectacle of symbols, attractions, art and entertainment. From the Dubai Fountain Show, Dubai Dino, Dubai Ice Rink, Aquarium and VR Park, there’s plenty to take in at this spectacular mall. Another iconic masterpiece you may have seen is the Waterfall, with its Pearl Divers - but do you know the hidden story behind this mesmerising display of art, history and architecture?

Standing at 24 meters tall and spanning four levels, the Dubai Mall Waterfall oozes beauty and compelling artistry. The sculptures of the divers are made from fibreglass, shimmering in the mall lights and reflecting daylight passing through the mall atrium at just the right angles. The rhythmic recycled water passing through the cascade creates the illusion of moving figures, making the breathtaking monument even more pleasurable.

So what’s the history behind these spectacular figures? Well, the symbolism of this masterpiece is deeper than merely an aesthetic feature of the Dubai Mall; the iconic monument symbolizes the country’s deep rooted history and identity. The attraction reflects the beauty and importance of water, with the figures symbolizing the main source of livelihood for Emiratis before the oil boom.

The pearl divers essentially depict the identity of the UAE; the history of pearl diving in the UAE is ancient, with archaeologists finding evidence of this tradition dating back more than 7000 years ago. Many Emirati families can still trace their fortunes back to the historic pearl diving their forefathers did, which is still considered one of the country’s most treasured traditions. And to replicate the soothing atmosphere of a desert oasis, you can find a plethora of palm trees to replicate the soothing atmosphere of a true desert oasis.

There you have it! Now you know the history behind one of the most iconic features of the Dubai Mall. Download the SmartCitti app once it’s launched to find the best cafes to sit and view the spectacular Pearl Divers!


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