Star Wars Exhibition
SO many stormtroopers!

There’s usually someone in your family or friendship group that loves Star Wars. Even they claim they don’t, they probably do secretly!

The main question is what side are you on? If you’re a lover of Darth Vader and his Stormtroopers then you’re in luck.

Over 40 life-sized figures will be there to view, and is the first display of its kind in the region. Considering it’s free it’s definitely worth paying a visit!

Sideshow, a California toy company hand-assembled each of the figures. Given their size and the amount of them, the project took six months! But it is the largest display of their figures so we’re sure they’re happy with the outcome.

Were you in The Dubai Mall on the opening Saturday of the exhibition? If you were you may have seen fans, who are members of the 501st Legion dressed as famous Star Wars villains. We wish we’d seen that!

From now until 30 December you can go and pay them a visit, in the Dubai Mall! More specifically in the Grand Atrium.

Star Wars: The Exhibit December 6-30 Dubai Mall, Grand Atrium

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