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Smarter Insurance for a Smarter You
Introducing SmartCitti Insurance

SmartCitti has just launched SmartCitti Insurance! Save time and money by exploring the best coverage suited to your lifestyle from a selection of well-known carriers for fast, easy and smart insurance. All under a fun, easily manageable visual interface.

Your one-touch insurance solution.

Insurance has been around for hundreds of years. But today, people are faced with complicated, outdated and unpleasant insurance processes. Customer satisfaction is decreasing, while premiums are shooting in the opposite direction. We’re here to change that.

What makes SmartCitti Smart Insurance different?

A new way to interact with insurance.

The SmartCitti app is your one-touch insurance solution, a fun replica of your real life living. Simply tap and access easy insurance as and when you need it, by creating avatars and insuring the things in your life that may need that extra protection. Our friendly Insurance Agent will guide you through the process in minutes, helping you stay in the know, stay seen and stay protected.

The SmartCitti digital world offers you a unique new way to interact with your insurance policy. Once you’re covered, it’s easy to add a new property or set up a new vehicle in your Home Hub to reflect your real world. Monitor warranties, insure items, make claims, provide feedback and interact with other members of the community, all at the tap of a button.

We’re more than just insurance.

Safer and happier living starts with prevention rather than reaction. For example, driver fault is responsible for nearly 80% of accidents each year. But these accidents could easily be prevented with more caution and better informed choices. The SmartCitti Live Safe feature, also within the app, helps drastically reduce the number of accidents on the road using telematics, helping the world live and drive safer. We also believe good behaviour should be rewarded - that’s why we send you regular Risk Prevention Notifications, as well as rewards for safer driving.

We’re building the happiest community in the world.

Gone are the days of faceless insurers, complicated claims processes and unpleasant insurance experiences. Using technology, we put you first by offering more information on your policy, your habits and others in the community, granting the best security for you and your loved ones. Join a world driven by smarter experiences and happier people.

To explore auto and home insurance, download the SmartCitti app for Android and iOS now!

How it works

  • Download and sign up
  • Scan your license
  • Confirm your details
  • Browse quotes tailored to you
  • Select and finish up with your chosen carrier
  • View and manage all your policies in your Home Hub
  • Be part of a next-generation community committed to safer living!

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