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SmartCitti x Malls
We're launching soon!

We’re finally opening up the gates to you, Dubai! However, we’re coming to you with a brand new twist!

So, we’ve been thinking for a while about how to come to you and give you a better experience and, as the title suggests, we’ve decided on coming to you with malls!

Regardless of if you’ve visited the same mall a thousand times, or it’s your first visit, you can still get lost SO EASILY. So we’ll be here to give you a helping hand.

Nearest *? We’ve got you. Let’s face it, there’s always a time when you (or maybe even a younger family member!) suddenly need to go, but one wrong turn could cost you precious minutes! But what if you could just navigate directly, from where you are in the mall..?

How about those times where you’ve arranged to meet your friends at the mall? Of course you all come in from different areas, super helpful, right? Then you spend AGES trying to all find one another because you forgot to decide on a good place where you could easily see one another. That’s where we step in! Simply download our app, open it and as long as your friends have it too, you’re good! Now you can head to the nearest coffee shop. Thank us later!

So, you’ve now realised you can navigate AND find your friends. But navigating helps when you can see places around you. So you’ll see all of the shop names listed to help you reference where you are. There’s more though! You can also see certain features in select malls that have even more detail! Our favourite is the Dubai Dinosaur in Dubai Mall. We’ll let you hunt for that once you’ve downloaded the app.

The best bit? The app is FREE. So explore to your heart’s content and see what you can discover.

Download from August

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