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SmartCitti and WRLD Launch Social Distancing App ‘SafeDistance’ 
The Workplace and Covid-19

SmartCitti & WRLD3D Launch Social Distancing App ‘SafeDistance’ To Help Organisations And Their People Return To Their Workplaces In ‘The New Normal’

SafeDistance the new app which provides a practical and sustainable solution to supporting employees in their return to work

LONDON, 26 May, 2020: WRLD3D and SmartCitti, two leading innovators in the 3D digital visualisation and smart workplace solutions space, have joined forces to launch the social distancing navigation app - SafeDistance. The app has been specifically designed to meet the needs of people re-entering places of work or, education, whilst ensuring that organisations can operate as smoothly as possible, as they navigate through the ‘new normal.’

SafeDistance is a highly automated smart app, which helps people to navigate buildings safely, while adhering to social distancing rules. The app creates a digital twin of the workplace, senses real-time movement inside a building, and assesses risk, so that employees can feel safe to move around freely, significantly reducing the impact on their operations and mental health.

SafeDistance provides business leaders who are responsible for planning and executing a post-lockdown return to their buildings, an application that designs and delivers safe re-entry to the workplace. This aligns strongly with government’s social distancing regulations to keep employees and visitors safe

CEO of WRLD, Faizaan Ghauri said: “Essential businesses are still operating and in the coming weeks, non-essential businesses will start to open their doors and transition to the new normal. We wanted to provide the technology to help organisations acclimatise safely and quickly – while removing as much stress from the situation as possible.”

SafeDistance main features are:

  • Safe indoor navigation system: GPS tracking and indoor navigation ensures employees and visitors can be guided around a building and shown the safest route to take, including specific alert notifications on potentially dangerous congested areas.
  • Happy to Help: Allows people to list themselves as a helper or reach out to others for help – whether that is a need of emotional support or just a friendly chat. People seeking assistance can locate helpers on the app and reach out via messaging. This feature helps to nurture an important sense of community and well-being within organisations.
  • Live desk allocation: Helps organisations to arrange desks in compliance with the 2-metre social distancing guideline and rotate them periodically to carry out cleaning. Regular cleaning checks will be prompted and monitored to maintain safe workspaces.
  • Emotional reporting: Users of the app. are regularly encouraged to record how they are feeling, using a simple mood selector. This helps organisations to monitor and boost morale – and encourages employees to be mindful of others.

Dr. Mohammed Al-Husban, Head of Happiness & UX at SmartCitti said: “Employee mental health and wellbeing is so important at the best of times, but people are naturally going to be nervous going back into the workplace - especially if they’re part of a large workforce. We created SafeDistance to help put their minds at rest, but also to encourage a sense of community at this incredibly stressful time, bringing life to the adage we’re all in this together.”

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