Smart Citti

SmartCitti is nearly here?! But how do we use it?!

So… Hopefully you’ve heard of our app by now. You must or how else would you have found the blog ey?! But, we know that although we show lots of pretty videos and screenshots of our app, you might not have a clue how to use it!

So you want to know why. Why malls? Why an app? We wrote a blog on that! So have a read of that below to get yourself up to speed with us! It’s not too long either so grab a coffee and have a read!

But now, we’re pretty excited (that’s an understatement) for our app and want you all to use it! We have onboarding on the app, but it’s always nice to have a bit of a heads up on how to use it right? Even if you choose not to read the other blog, we’ll let you in on some info, the app will be based around some of those big ol’ malls in Dubai.

So. You get the app. Bam. Sign up. Easy. Then what? Pick the mall you want to know more about. There’s a couple to choose from!

You then get to have a little look around whichever mall you’ve selected. You could mentally pre-plan the all important shopping route, food stops on the way of course! So the explore feature allows you to see all the shops and restaurants in that mall. Handy right?! Not just that though. You’ll see descriptions and even ratings. Hey, if the last store you went to was good, why not leave your own review!

Malls aren’t that fun to head to alone, obviously. Let alone when you find someone and then you lose them. Now that’s a disaster! What if we told you there’ll be a way you can just tap and then find your friends in the mall you’re at? That’s what you’ll get when we launch. You’re welcome! You can even message your friends in app, so if you’d rather just head toward the same coffee shop, just send them a message, either individually or in a group! Then you’ll all find each other, yas!

Never been to one of these malls yet? Maybe want to try a few new stores? You, your friends and other members of our community will help eachother out. As we said previously, good experience? Review it. Any sort of experience? Review! Maybe you’re not even in a store or eating… You could always leave your happiness…

And the final feature… Navigation! Because we all know how easy it is to get lost in a supermarket or an individual store, let ALONE a mall as big as The Dubai Mall! This feature will launch in a beta mode though, so please keep this in mind.

Now the wait for the app begins! Trust us, we’re counting down just like all of you!

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