Smart Citti

We have a competition for you!

If you’ve come through our social media or even via Google, you might have heard whispers of a competition we’re holding. Well let us tell you, it’s not a whisper so feel completely free to shout about it!

Now, the details! We want to know what makes you happy, where the happiest stores are, as chosen by you! Now, to do that you’ll need to download SmartCitti. Don’t worry, we’re available for both Android and Iphone users! The next step is to actually leave your happiness. We’ve given you some more detail about how to leave your happiness and what a happy shop could be to you in another one of our blogs which you can find here

You might have heard that there are also prizes involved. So here are the details for you eager people! The main prize of the competition is AED2000 on a gift card of your choosing! So for example if you’re a fan of The Dubai Mall, you could get yourself an Emaar gift card. We will also have other special prizes for people who have left great reviews too!

So don’t forget, to be in with a chance of winning a prize it’s really simple. Leave some happiness! It needs to be a review on a store, perhaps your favourite one but we’re looking for quality! So let us know the details! If you happen to have started our competition later and you feel like you won’t have a chance at a prize, don’t worry! We’ll be basing winners on engagement, so not just how much happiness you’ve left but also the quality of the engagement.

If you’re not a winner, there are still great perks for you! Let’s say you really enjoyed that coffee in Mall of The Emirates and you left a review on the business, or even just a generic happiness. Maybe you’re in the mood to go somewhere nice a week or so later, you can look back at where you left your happiness! Simply head to the Happy Map.

As you can see we’ve mentioned a few different malls so far. That means that our competition is available for all the malls we currently have to offer! If you’ve visited one of the malls previously to the competition, you can also leave your happiness and reviews, they’ll still count! For details of when the competition is set to end, keep an eye on our socials!

Good luck and happy reviewing!

Who knows, we might even add a few surprizes throughout the competition!

Download SmartCitti free from the links below



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