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Shop Smarter, Shop Happier!

Here at SmartCitti, we’re all about happiness, smart experiences and better living. Whether you love shopping or hate it, with our latest Virtual Shopping Experience, it’s even easier to find happiness on the move or in the comfort of your own home.

The Virtual Shopping Experience is the first immersive experience of its kind, bridging the gap between the real and virtual worlds. Connecting to the SmartCitti world helps to make your shopping trip easier, fun and more memorable, through finding friends, navigating to your favorite stores and receiving money-saving offers, straight to the palm of your hand!

SmartCitti believes in a happy and prosperous world; we’re here to help make life smarter, intuitive and frictionless - with happiness at the center of everything we do, including shopping.

Here’s a few ways you can interact with happiness, in both the real and SmartCitti World while shopping :

Leave Happiness

Feeling happy while shopping or exploring your surroundings? Confused? Relaxed? Stressed? Ecstatic? We make it easy to leave your feelings, whenever and wherever you may be - for a number of reasons:
There are four easy ways to leave happiness in the World, so take your pick - the possibilities are endless.

  • Monitor your emotions and keep a track of what, where and who makes you happy (or unhappy!)

  • Let your community know how you’re feeling, based on where you are in the World

  • Help make the World a happier place by spreading joy, knowledge and positive vibes

Monitor Happiness

Track and monitor your happiness through your personalised Happiness Score, a percentage-based score which rises or dips, depending on how frequently you express happiness. This is a smart indicator into how you’re currently feeling, with regular updates every hour.

After two weeks of regular usage, you will receive a Happiness Report, detailing all the places which made you happy, with recommendations on how to increase happiness if your score was low!

Explore Happiness

Explore your community’s happiness by viewing the world through the lens of Happiness Maps! The SmartCitti World has three different types of Happiness Maps:
Each of these modes allows you to see separate Happiness ratings from yourself, your family and the SmartCitti community at large.

  1. Personal Happy Map

  2. Family Happy Map

  3. Public Happy Map

So now you can see where your network is happiest - and you can even navigate your way there to enjoy the happiness!

Live Smart, Get Happy.

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