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Let’s Use Our Powers to Shape the Future of Happiness

Each and every day, we witness new technology breakthroughs worldwide, meaning easier, simpler lives. More convenience. Less stress. Better societies.

But can this tech tap into our minds, our emotions and our happiness? And can we influence this?

Quite simply, yes. We’re the creators of our own happiness.

So how can we leverage our powers to shape the happiness of our community for future generations?

Innovation and Co-Creation Drives Change
The state of our future is determined by how we interact with our technology today. The way we connect, collaborate and purchase goods and services are key components developers and innovators use to determine future technologies. Being mindful of how we engage with technology right now will impact our future.

Actively envisioning the world we want

Robotic assistance? Flying cars? Daily flights to the moon? No matter how wild your dreams for the future might be (and nothing is really that crazy, right?), the only way to meet those realities is if we passionately envision the world we want. Seeing it as a reality waiting to happen.

We only have to look around us to see just how much can change in a relatively short space of time - after all, who would have thought social media would so rapidly become a fantastic resource and opportunity for jobs, marketing your business, education, and much more.

Using existing technology to be a conscious collaborator, consumer and catalyst for change

Keep a lookout for disruptive technology - this is the dominant driving force for change.

The internet, social media, peer-to-peer and on-demand economy are all current drivers of transformation, facilitating dramatic shifts in what we consume, how we view it and what decisions we make. New opportunities, more freedom and less frigidity are only possible through collaborating and consuming using current tech trends, generating progressive futures for us all.

Using your influence to model prosocial behaviors and create a ripple effect through society

One of the best feelings you can experience is the act of doing something good for another person. This uplifts you, helps them and, ultimately, has a unique positive impact in the world, no matter how small the act. A focus on emotions, public spirit and positive stories enhances perspectives, progression and collective advancements. Recognising and promoting good behaviour will, inevitably, cause ripple effects for years to come.

Let’s consciously innovate and co-create our collective future.

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