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Secret Santa in Dubai

So your place of work has literally just decided they’re doing Secret Santa? Maybe you just completely forgot? We’ve got you covered. Nobody wants to be spending a crazy amount of money, and we all know some people are very hard to buy for.

The Budding Musician

Have you noticed that your Secret Santa is ALWAYS singing or humming along to a song? Perhaps you even know it? Head to the Virgin Megastore and maybe the artist’s album will be available! Plus, a CD of their favourite artist shows that you’ve thought about them and what they like. Hey, maybe the Megastore will even have a sing-a-long DVD instead!

The Hard To Buy For

Ok, so this year’s Secret Santa is a bit harder right? You don’t really know them, but still want to get them something more than just some chocolate (although we wouldn’t be upset with chocolate as a secret santa gift!). For a wide variety of unusual gifts and homeware items, head to Pylones! You can pretty much guarantee that your Secret Santa will not have whatever you find there! (ok so they might have a spatula or a vase already, but not quite like the one you’ll get!)

The Netflix Binger

We all dread the day that the internet starts to play up, or worse yet, stops working! Maybe your Secret Santa relies on Netflix but never thinks about the internet dropping out. Why not head to the Virgin Megastore and pick up a new series for them to try. Or maybe you could give them the gift of your all time favourite film!

The Avid Gamer

You see your work colleagues’ desk always has a subtle figure or two, and you know they’re of their favourite game. Well, why not just add to that collection?! The Little Things is your go to spot for that new game related collectible! Your Secret Santa is sure to love the item you get, better yet there’s thought put into it, just make sure you get the game right, no pressure!

The One Who Always Has A Pen

Forgetting a pen when you’re already at work is the worst, but usually there’ll be that colleague that has every piece of stationary you could want. They even let YOU borrow things sometimes! So you get them for Secret Santa. Naturally, you want to give back to them, right? Head over to Typo! They have a vast range of stationary, usually themed. Think, a pen shaped as a SHARK. Maybe even a Friends themed notebook, there’ll be plenty to choose from!

Hopefully this will give you a helping hand in deciding on what gift to get for your Secret Santa. Be quick, you don’t have much time left to buy though! Let us know what they thought of their gift!

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