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Safer Habits Start Here- Introducing Live Safe

Our newest feature, Live Safe, uses cutting-edge GPS location technology to see yourself and your family in real time, create private groups, send quick messages, as well as monitor and improve your driving.

Our question to you: are you ready for safer living?

Driver fault is responsible for nearly 80% of accidents each year. But these accidents could easily be prevented; Live Safe helps drastically reduce the number of accidents on the road using telematics, helping you, your family and your local community live and drive safer.

In short, Live Safe keeps you connected with loved ones and helps you build safer habits in the process.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Habit 1 - Stay connected with those closest to you

  • Join the Smartcitti world and create your own custom avatar
  • Connect with your family and friends
  • Create private groups and chat with your contacts
  • Send SOS alerts to your contacts when you need help
  • Easily look back in time at your whereabouts with Location History
  • Ensure your loved ones are never out of juice by seeing just how much power their device holds

Habit 2 - Keep loved ones safe with better driving

  • Drive better each trip with a Trip Report for every journey, providing data on your driving behaviour. Receive feedback on the trip duration, route, distance, average speeds and driving behaviour details, such as harsh braking or phone usage
  • Receive a detailed Safety Report every two weeks, where you can review your driving habits and how to improve, leading to better driving and safer roads

Habit 3 - Get rewarded for building safer habits

  • Earn Smart coins for great driving
  • Receive daily happy tips and news to put you in a positive mood for the day

To get started, simply download SmartCitti on Google Play or the App Store now and be part of a next-generation community committed to safer living!

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