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Nike Megastore Opening
Nike's biggest one-floor megastore!

December 1. Nike’s biggest one-floor megastore in the world. Obviously it’s going to be found in The Dubai Mall, where else has the space to put it right?!

To celebrate the store’s opening they’ve got some unique customisation options you can take part in, depending on your preferences.

Maybe you’re a sneaker fan, and love having something slightly different from everyone else? AF1s are iconic in themselves but you can go one step further in the new store’s opening week.. We’re talking changing up the colours completely!

Hydro dipping, that will make you really stand out from the crowd! If you don’t want to have a crazily loud pair of shoes that’s fine too, as other customisation options such as tack stitching will be available. What colour combination will you go with?

Sports fan? Why not customise your own football jersey? Go with the classic surname or nickname, or maybe put something even more unique on the jersey! Although personally we’re not the greatest at making decisions, so maybe we should stick with a classic customisation!

However, if you’re out of inspiration and need a little push or assistance, local stylists Cheb Moha and Chindy will be on hand to give some guidance!

There’s also two different fitness events for you to try out!

3/12 Run The City- Get your running gear ready for this event. Nike haven’t given much away for this, but apparently it’s set to be a completely new running experience. It’s tailored specifically for Dubai too, how exciting!

4/12 NTC- If you and your friends want to mix your training up a bit, why not head to this training session? It’s a women’s only training session though!

You can register on their site to be added to their waitlist for any of the events, which run from 1-8 December.

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