New Maria Tash Store
The best place to get pierced in Dubai!

Nobody wants to be stuck in a cramped Claire’s if you could head to a celebrity approved store right??

Well now you’re in luck! Maria Tash has come to your rescue! Dubai Mall is where her luxury piercing store can be found (of course!), specifically in Fashion Avenue. If you’ve been keeping your eyes on what she’s been up to you will know that there have been a few pop-up stores previously, but this store is set to stay. Yes!

You definitely will not feel cramped in the store either! There’s over 2100 square feet of space, including piercing rooms and if you’re feeling luxurious, a VIP lounge!

Not seen much of her work before? She and her employees will create a custom placement of piercings for you! They’ll look at what you like best, what you wear, your complexion and the shape of your ear or whatever area it is you want to get pierced. Then you’ll be given a tailored combination of piercings, to best flatter your ears, for example. If you only want a singular piercing that’s perfectly fine, they’ll still make it work with you perfectly!

If you want to get a piercing (or two!) done, head over to her website to book an appointment! You’ll feel like they’re paying attention to every detail, and you’ll head out with some beautiful new piercings!

Still unsure? We said it was celeb approved right? Not only is Maria Tash a celebrity in her own right, some of her customers are also pretty well known! Think Hailey Bieber, Ashley Graham and Zoya Sakr. You’ll definitely be in good hands.

The hardest bit is going to be only getting a couple of piercings! When will you be taking a trip there?

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