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New Dubai Mall attractions?!

Shopping can get a bit dull every weekend, but maybe you should still head to The Dubai Mall! There’s more than just shopping in malls and The Dubai Mall is certainly proving that.

There are new entertainment activities for you coming to the mall! But The Dubai Mall is REALLY pushing the boat out, with not just one new activity but TWO. That’s our weekend plans sorted then! (Well, not right away..)

This is AMAZING news right? But there’s a little catch.. They’re not open just yet. boo. The boarding has gone up around where they’re to be situated though so hopefully the painstaking wait isn’t too long for everyone.

What’s coming and where?! We’re sure you’re thinking that by now. The attractions? You lucky people are getting a mirror maze and go karting!! The mirror maze is set to be situated opposite the VR Park, as bright pink hoarding has gone up in the location. It really will be an attraction hot-spot in that area. We’re not sure where the go karting is going to be situated yet but when we have an update we’ll be sure to let you all know!

Some of you will have already experienced a mirror maze in the Dubai Dolphinarium. This new one is set to be MASSIVE though. If you’ve not been in one before, the name explains it perfectly. It’s a maze consisting of mirrors that you have to navigate through. Just be careful to not walk into too many, it can hurt (we might know from personal experience, ouch)

So. The go karting. The place will be called EKart Zabeel. They’re also going to be electric if their name wasn’t a big enough hint! They also describe themselves as “the UAE’s first high-end indoor e-karting experience”. So we can’t wait to see what exactly that means!

Who will you be racing against when these new attractions open then? We’re assuming you’ll be the winner, right?


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