A nightclub with some quirky twists

Need to find a nightclub that’s slightly different to your usual go-to? Mantis is set to open very soon and we can’t wait to see how the place looks inside! Read further for some of the treats in store for you if you end up checking the place out!

Before you’ve even entered the club, you’ll be greeted with a praying mantis, fitting right? We’re expecting the sculpture to come to life and light up, maybe even change colour, so one minute it could be green, the next pink!

The nightclub stands out from the crowd instantly as it’s the first nightclub to be located in DIFC. In addition they’re really thinking about how technology can be used in nightclubs to create a more immersive experience.

To start to create an immersive experience they’ve installed state of the art LED screens and lighting. They’re going one step further when thinking about the overall experience, even having a floor to roof mirrored corridor! Personally we think you’d be able to get some great pictures in that corridor!

Say you’ve gone to check the place out, you’re enjoying yourself, but you’ve started to get tired. There’s always one friend who tires out quicker don’t worry! But Mantis really have thought about even this. Right in the centre of the club you’ll find a hideaway called ‘Immersive Room’. The space is set to be laid back and will serve up fresh shots of coffee, perfect to get you back up on the dancefloor!

So will you be checking out Mantis when it opens?

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