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IoT Facilities Management
What’s needed and what’s possible

Overseeing the intricacies of building management through rising requirements and cost-effective methods is becoming increasingly difficult. Smart buildings aim to utilize the latest tech to create safe and secure environments, whilst maintaining comfort and productivity for those within. With technology constantly evolving and advancing, it can be challenging to keep up with what’s new, what’s needed and what’s possible. The value of a smart building is to create an integrated system forseeing the management, control and partial automation of several building systems - when these functions are harmonized within a digital twin of your business, the potential is limitless.

So firstly, what is IoT? In general terms, IoT refers to an integrated network of smart devices used to sensor, monitor, sense and receive data. Within building management, IoT devices can refer to monitoring energy consumption, optimizing equipment usage, automated response systems and measuring people and spaces. Here at Smart Citti, using a digital twin which maximises the use of location-based information to build a solid foundation for the delivery of all smart functionality, takes it a step further, providing a fully integrated building management solution for your property.

This solution is dedicated to elevating your building management procedures and to creating a safer, securer, greener and more efficient environment, while still having the capacity to evolve as your needs change. For example, integrated IoT devices can be used to provide and monitor maintenance reports, booking systems, meeting room capacity, point-to-point internal navigation, heatmap delivery, lighting control, fire and evacuation management, visitor parking information and AR functionalities, to name but a few. Unified within a digital platform, this integrated solution not only provides easy access and control to your building infrastructure, but opens the door to full facility optimization, through energy efficiency, safety and security, and employee productivity.

Aside from the obvious, why should you invest in a fully integrated digital platform solution? Well, a digital twin of your building promises not only vast improvements in cost savings and energy efficiency through integrated IoT systems, but also a more comfortable, appealing and responsive human environment. As the expectations and potentials of smart cities increases, so does that of smart buildings. Visitors and personnel will expect a responsive environment, as the overall value of a building is measured through the integration of smart technologies and overall efficiency. Further, with a digital platform, your building will be located within the larger Smart Citti ecosystem, for further integration and value-added possibilities.

The continuing rise of IoT, cloud solutions, big data analytics, mobile and digital experiences will continue to have an enormous impact on facilities management and pushes the need to have a more holistic view of smart building technologies. While there are many intricacies, innovations and autonomous facets, the need for a central hub should not be devalued. As a digital platform, the central hub is streamlined to combine and unify the different systems across your building to create a seamless operational unit, maximizing the use of location-based information to fully optimize the efficiency of your building.

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