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SmartCitti’s range of options include free online insurance quotes as well as a cutting-edge cellphone app, focused on building happiness and strengthening communities across the globe.

Users can download a 3D digital twin of their real-life world completely free of charge, leaving reviews, interacting with friends and family, asking for help when needed, learning safer habits, and managing their home and auto insurance policies to keep their belongings safe – all at the touch of a button. If some of these options aren’t yet available in your area, keep checking back, we’re evolving all the time.

SmartCitti is leading the way for a smarter, safer, and happier life for every single one of its users, carefully building a happy world for everyone to enjoy.

Download the SmartCitti app free of charge

How does SmartCitti’s app work?

Simply go to Google Play or the Apple App Store and download your free SmartCitti app. From there, fill in details including your email address and your name, then follow the prompts on your cell and build your own personalized avatar. You can select your hair color, skin tone and outfit, but over time the app will award you points which you can use to buy premium avatar clothes once you are further into your SmartCitti adventure. Fill out your personal profile to share with your friends and family.

Next, look around and explore the digital twin of your real world. You’ll see familiar streets, buildings, restaurants, diners, and stores nearby. You can look at happiness leader boards and see which places other users have voted are the happiest places nearby. And you can leave your own reviews of how happy you felt when visiting places in your local community.

“You can leave a review of how happy you felt while visiting a local restaurant, for example,” says SmartCitti’s Happiness Architect Dr Mo Al-Husban. “Or perhaps you felt extra safe while visiting a store, or while using their parking lot. You can let other users know.”

Maybe you discovered a fantastic new flavor ice cream? You’ll also have a log of where you visited and when, so you can remember to go back and enjoy it all over again.

“We firmly believe that real world communities are strengthened by happiness and happy people,” Mo adds. “It is a key value of ours and underpins everything we do here at SmartCitti, as well as our plans for the future of the app.”

This builds a happiness profile so you can gauge which places and activities make you happiest and you can spend more time doing the things you love.

Mo says: “Our research shows that people are healthier and more productive when they’re happy, but crucially they also drive more safely and are more likely to take care of their homes and surroundings which builds a safer, happier world for everyone.”

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How does SmartCitti insurance work?

SmartCitti’s app and website options allow users to search the best insurance coverage companies online and get a free quote. Simply go to the website or download our high tech, simple to use app.

“From the Home Hub on your SmartCitti app you can easily take out new insurance coverage for your home, or car, or you can renew or review your existing policies,” Mo says.

“If you bought a new home or rented one, you can easily compare policies and the level of coverage through the SmartCitti website or on the app.”

Within the app you’ll see another avatar nearby who’ll be flagged up as an Insurance Agent. Simply click on them and you’ll see a menu of options. You’ll get help with all your insurance needs within a matter of minutes. It’s quick and highly effective. You’ll get the best insurance quotes online and then once you have coverage you can add options, make claims, and manage it all through one app.

You can also take out insurance coverage to cover your loved ones, so you’ll have extra peace of mind knowing they’re safe and happy too.

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Get signed up today with SmartCitti’s app

How it works:

  • Download the SmartCitti app for free and sign up in under a minute
  • Tap in your details
  • Enjoy being part of a community committed to happiness and safer living
  • Check out Live Safe to enjoy a safer life. Receive driving reports. Track your location and where you have visited
  • Invite your friends and family and stay connected
  • Get a selection of quotes from the best insurance carriers
  • Sign up with your preferred insurance coverage
  • Manage all your policies in your Home Hub, insure your home, auto or pet and make claims at the touch of a button

What is SmartCitti’s Live Safe option?

Connect with friends and family

SmartCitti’s Live Safe feature includes an option called Way Finding. Once you and your loved ones are connected within the app you can easily locate them in the real world by clicking on their profile. This is brilliant if you’re at an event or new location and are struggling to find them. The app will lead you right to them via GPS. You can also message them from within the app. There’s an option to look up their location history, so if you’re wondering what time they’ll be home or where they are, simply tap on the history and see where they’ve been recently. You can also check out how much cell phone battery they have left and see if they’re running low on power.

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Keep loved ones and yourself safe with better driving

Once you’re set up with SmartCitti, the app will build a trip report for you every time you go for a drive in your vehicle. This includes safety tips and notifies you about unsafe habits such as hard breaking.

Get rewarded for building safer habits

Safer habits mean a safer, happier life. SmartCitti will reward you for this with points. You can use these within the Live Safe feature of the app.

“Driver fault is responsible for 80% of auto accidents in the US,” says Dr Mo Al-Husban. “SmartCitti rewards safe driving and focuses on helping users to learn about their driving behavior so overtime they’re aware of mistakes they might have made and can work towards making sure they focus on the road and drive more carefully in future.

“This is important because the number of auto accidents on American roads rose last year, so we’re committed to helping reduce that number in future.”

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Easily message your loved ones in an emergency – SOS notification

SmartCitti also offers an SOS messaging system so if your loved one or you are scared the app can send out an alert to a trusted circle of contacts. “It’s an option no-one wants to have to use but it’s a life-saver if ever you should need it,” Mo says. “It’s great for peace of mind.”

What do SmartCitti’s users think of the app?

SmartCitti has a 4.7 out of 5 stars on the Apple app store, so users in our community are extremely satisfied with the app and overall experience.

“I’ve been using SmartCitti for a few months now,” says Josh Owens, 26, who is a plumber and lives in Florida. “I love being able to check my mom and girlfriend are safe. I saved money on my auto insurance and found better coverage.”

Mark Wright, 42, from Alabama says: “I invited my friends, and we message on the app all the time. But what I love is looking through my trip reports and figuring out how to drive more safely. My wife has a back issue, and I don’t want to cause her pain by breaking hard on the road. Our kids love to look up the happiest places that other users have discovered in our local area. We love it, SmartCitti is the future of technology and way ahead of its time.”

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How is technology shaping SmartCitti?

SmartCitti’s insurance is powered by insurtech which is a combination of the words insurance and technology. We believe it’s the future of the insurance industry, helping people find less expensive options through a user-friendly interface.

“We also incorporate the latest technology in other areas of Smartcitti’s app,” Dr Mo Al-Husban says. “One example is an option we have in some areas called, Happy To Help where there are currently twenty two types of help people can seek or receive through SmartCitti’s app, this includes options such as emotional support, walking a pet dog, caring for seniors and fragile people within the community.”

Once you’re on the app and signed up, you can see all the helpers available around you in real time.

“This is just one area where our smart, cutting edge technology really shines,” Mo says.

Happy to Help is powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) and people can receive notifications as situations evolve in real time.

“This could also involve a request such as someone has run out of a certain food item and can’t find any in their local stores,” Mo adds. “Other users can message and say if they’ve seen it in a store near them. It’s a great way for local communities to unite and help each other out. It potentially helps small businesses and schools, or colleges could even get involved.”

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Can you call a SmartCitti insurance agent?

Whilst it’s extremely easy to talk to a SmartCitti insurance agent through the app’s messaging system, we understand that sometimes you just want to call someone on the phone. No problem, SmartCitti has a dedicated team who are waiting to help you, simply call them on the number listed on our website.

Why does happiness matter so much to SmartCitti?

Happiness matters to us here at SmartCitti because it motivates humans as individuals at a deeply fundamental level.

Happiness is the key driver behind our emotions and behaviors, it extends from the individual to the community. SmartCitti is not just another app, it’s a happier new way of life.


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