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Imagine 2030

Imagine the year 2030. Imagine a world with driverless cars and space tourism. Drone deliveries and virtual assistants. Hyperloop transport systems and floating farms. No, this isn’t a scene from your latest sci-fi film - this is 2030. Our world is changing at an exciting speed, with technology making monumental progress in healthcare, agriculture, transport and social interactions. In this new world, we need to be ready to make collective progress in our future. We need to be sure that, in the year 2030, our world is the safest, smartest and happiest it can be.

While we can’t forecast exactly what the world will be like in 2030, it’s quite easy to see the direction we’re moving in. The dreamers and innovators around us see no limits to our own potential in making the world a better place. Here at SmartCitti, we breed dreams and innovation! Here is our take on 2030, a place where collective efforts can build a happy and harmonious world.

We must go beyond conventional ways of thinking.

It’s time to think outside the box. Technology has the power to mould and shape our lives in previously unimaginable ways; it’s our duty to pave the way to a happier way of living. The growing demand for new experiences and capabilities means those of us who are tech-savvy can see the potential for the future. Technology can be a truly empowering tool, especially when it’s used to give people personalised recommendations, updates and added value based on who they are holistically. Imagine auto-checkout in shops, facial recognition in hotel rooms and frictionless travel from your home to holiday destination. Automate the mundane and find your place in a seamless, happy 2030.

Happiness will be a major driver in individual and collective progress.

Government entities and organisations across the globe are realising the true potential of happiness; by supporting and encouraging activities that contribute to social good and individual well-being, we are making steps towards happier, more fulfilled lives. SmartCitti is a huge advocate of happiness - in fact, it forms the basis of our story. We believe happiness is the biggest driver of progression into our future, shaping the way we live, work and learn.

And that’s also the reason why we picked Dubai to be our first smart city: The Ruler, Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum has a vision to turn Dubai into the smartest and happiest city in the world, a vision which aligns perfectly to our own, which is to deliver utopia experiences through the use of new, immersive technologies.

Inspire change.

All progress in life is about reinvention. Reinvention allows endless opportunities for exploration, growth and happiness. And that’s what Imagine 2030 is all about; exploring the world, technology and all that it has to offer. Growth pushes for progress and the unseen limits to our potential. The impact of these advancements will change our lives for good. And those changes will be powerful investments for our happiness. Therefore, let’s change what we are doing today to make tomorrow even better.

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