Smart Citti


We’re sure you’ve seen some beautiful street art around, and Boxpark is certainly a place you’ll want to be heading to see more!

Boxpark is a buzzing hub of various stylish restaurants and boutique stores, so if you’re looking for a nice unique piece for your wardrobe we’d definitely recommend heading here and supporting these businesses!

In addition to the great range of stores and restaurants, there will be an art fair until 10 November! So, if you’ve always been curious as to how the stunning street art, graffiti and painting come about, watch a live painting of graffiti session. Workshops will be in place, some may even allow you to add to a graffiti piece!

How about a live installation? They’ll be happening. Plus, if you have children who love their drawing there will also be workshops for them too, so there really is something for everyone. There will be more activities too, so just head down and see what you feel like doing on the day!

The event is on every Friday and Saturday until 10 November and is free so head down, enjoy a great meal there and take part in some of the activities Boxpark has to offer!

Check out what we got up to at the event here -

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