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Sneaker lover? Here’s where to get the hottest limited releases in the malls!

Seen a pair you love but you think you’ll have to pay a hefty resale price? Think again. We know the top spots to head to if you want to get your hands on a pair for retail!

We know how many of you love Jordans exclusively, so we have just the place for you. Check out the Jordan store in The Dubai Mall and keep your eyes peeled to their Instagram if you want to know how to have a chance in getting the latest sneakers!

So The Dubai Mall also has a Nike store. But not any old store, a megastore. It’s the largest one-floor store Nike have in the world, so we’re sure you’ll find some gems in there. They might not have all those sought after limited releases but with the size of the store, we’re sure they’ll have most! Good news though, Nike stores can be found elsewhere, of course! So be sure to check out the other stores at Mall of The Emirates, Dubai Marina Mall and Ibn Battuta Mall.

Maybe Nike isn’t your thing? Well, we also know where you can get your hands on a popular Adidas collaboration, yes, we’re talking about Yeezy. As long as you take note of when drops are, you’ll be all good. The Adidas store in The Dubai Mall is the spot to hit for them, with The Dubai Mall’s Instagram giving you some good insight into where to head to. If you have children then Yeezy are making sure they’re getting included in the latest drops. Don’t forget that Yeezy have more than one shoe model, which model is your favourite?

If all else fails and you can’t manage to get that precious pair you’ve been after, there’s still hope. Yes, it does sadly mean paying more than retail but they’re worth it, right? Head to B Hype in The Dubai Mall and see what they have in stock. OR, if you managed to get your shoes you could always still head here to get some clothes to complete the fit!

Enjoy hunting for those sneakers, we hope you get the pair (or pairs!) you were after for yourself, or maybe for your children!

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