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What Makes a Place a Happy Place?

Life is fast, busy and demanding. We’re all searching for places that take us away from the stresses of everyday life, bring us joy and make us feel at ease. But what exactly makes a place a truly ‘happy place’?

The answer?

It depends.

For some, a happy place is a busy mall full of special offers and a huge selection of bags. For others, their happy place involves a cabin surrounded by nature.

Whatever and wherever yours may be, here’s a few characteristics of a ‘happy place’:

It’s more about feelings, not location.

Happy places pull at your heartstrings. They give you a sense of calmness and serenity, providing you with comfort from the demanding and repetitive realities of everyday living.

It’s about recharging, energising, discovering your creativity - these feelings can be different to everyone, but in essence, it’s all about experiencing the elements which make you happy.

Sometimes new is more refreshing.

We all love to revisit places we’re familiar with. Things and places that make us happy. Childhood memories. The local park. After all, familiarity is the comfort zone of human nature.

But what about experiencing something new? Trying a new place, hobby or social activity can open your eyes (and heart) to new feelings, experiences, people and a brand new happiness lift.

Belonging is important.

A huge part of happy places is a feeling of safety, which arises from a sense of belonging. While happiness is a desire, belonging is a human need.

Emotional connections and the sense of belonging to a place or greater community improves your motivation, health, and happiness.

So, what’s your happy place?

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