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Happiness, Dubai and Smart Citti

Home to over 200 nationalities, Dubai is a hub of multiculturalism, diversity and community spirit, making it distinct from other urban cities throughout the world. This gem of the UAE continues to show that happiness of its residents and community spirit drives the buzzing atmosphere and quality of life in Dubai. And we couldn’t agree more.

HAPPINESS. We hear this word often, but what does it mean? Happiness is essentially a state of mind. Sure, it can be temporary, but it is aroused and facilitated by numerous factors, including people, places, technology, scents, memories and personal wellbeing. The feeling of happiness is distinguished by positive emotions; serenity, fulfillment, ease and joy.

Through respect for individuality and creativity, Dubai provides the tools and ambience for its citizens to find happiness, wellbeing and fulfilment. Even if you’re just visiting, each day there’s something new to be learnt in this thriving city. With plenty of restaurants, cafes, shopping malls, events, celebrations, national days, schemes, groups and mini communities dotted around the city, it couldn’t be easier to meet new people and find your unique place in this mini ecosystem.

So, how can you do your bit in creating and sustaining the happiest city in the world?

It’s easy. Visiting a new area of Dubai? Log in to the Smart Citti app and leave a happiness rating. Trying out a new restaurant? Leave a happiness rating. Spend a night at a swanky hotel downtown? Leave a happiness rating. The waitress at the cafe was rude? Definitely leave a happiness rating.

Why should you use the happiness rating?

It’s your own personal virtual diary. Log in to your account and find the places you found happiness in yesterday, last week or even last month. The Smart Citti happiness feature enables you to view and track personal happiness recordings over time, creating a log for you to look back on over your visit to Dubai. It’s a quick, easy process, only taking a few seconds from your day (and we’ll let you in to a little secret: it’s surprisingly therapeutic).

Share your happiness and help others plan their happy trip. We all love reading up on a restaurant before we visit. Is it good? Will it be worthwhile? What’s the service like? On the Smart Citti app, you’ll be able to view the happiness of Dubai in the palm of your hand. If you’re rushed for time and only have one evening free, for example, find the happiest area of Dubai and spend your time there. Share it for others to do the same - after all, what’s a happy place without happy people?

Gain access to exclusive offers and prizes. The more happiness ratings you leave, the more points you gain. With points, you’ll find yourself sailing up the leaderboard, gaining access to exclusive offers, just for you, and a chance to win a bunch of prizes.

Create a digital souvenir of your trip to Dubai. If you’re here on a holiday, what better way to record the highlights of your trip than through a virtual twin of Dubai? Show your friends the places you visited when you get back home or keep it for memories - or, who knows, you might be back in Dubai sooner than you know and ready to visit that restaurant you had an amazing meal at last time!

Dubai’s goal to being the happiest city on the planet is surely becoming a reality. It offers a flourishing environment for people to reach their goals and achieve their dreams, without compromising on personal identity and individuality, strengthened by happiness and positivity. At Smart Citti, we share this view and we want you to be part of creating this thriving, prosperous city. The Smart Citti app helps to give each person a voice - a way to express ideas, creativity and opinions. We also support the city’s recognition that Dubai’s greatest resource is people:

“No matter how many buildings, foundations, schools and hospitals we build, or how many bridges we raise, all these are material entities. The real spirit behind the progress is the human spirit, the able man with his intellect and capabilities.”

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