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Halloween activities… At the Dubai Mall!

So, we know it’s only September, but if you LOVE Halloween then we both know things need to be planned. Or even booked! So to get the ball rolling we’ve given you some ideas to start you off. Let us know if you decide to pick any of these and how they turned out!

Screen X- Reel Cinemas- 2nd Floor

So.. this one is more to get you thinking of possibilities. Imagine booking to see a new horror film, maybe even a classic. You sit down and start to enjoy the film, then the whole film surrounds you?! That’s what’s possible in Screen X. We’d recommend keeping your eyes peeled just in case they decide to show a Halloween film, but we don’t know if they will or not. Check out a little preview of the screen’s possibilities below!

VR Park- 2nd Floor

Want to feel immersed in something? With your family too? Try ‘Dark Ride’. The name doesn’t give much away, but it’s definitely fitting as a Halloween ride. We’ll give you a hint though, it’s an interactive ride, so don’t ‘clown’ about… If you’re looking for something a bit less scary, (at least less Halloween themed) give ‘Burj Drop’ a go. We’re sure you’ll get a scare on that ride too!

Hysteria- 2nd Floor

Blackout 28 October- 31 October

Now, the final activity. Not only does the name sound scary, we think it also definitely lives up to being the top Halloween activity in this post! So, it’s scary enough when it’s not Halloween, but when the time comes they put on a VERY limited event. It’s called ‘Blackout’ and yep, you guessed it, there’s a LOT of darkness. Combine that with jumpscares galore and you have the ULTIMATE Halloween thrill! Just make sure you take someone with you for support, they can go first then right?

So if you didn’t guess, all of these activities are available in The Dubai Mall! Which means if you’re feeling brave you could do more than one of them! Although we think we’d have to find a coffee shop to grab a coffee and calm down after some of these!

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