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Get Involved, Join the Community

Before these uncertain times most of you would have been a part of some form of community. Whether it was something specific to where you live or something that brought together people from further afield, it may feel like you’re now a little isolated, especially if you were meeting up often.

SmartCitti wants to bring you and your communities together again. No matter where you’re located, you can interact with your friends both in the virtual world and via the friends & family functionality.

In the SmartCitti world you can create a custom avatar to represent you. When you add friends or family members you then have the opportunity to see them in the world also! So you can explore various areas of the world and also see the people you are closest to on the map also.

Inside the friends & family feature comes groups. This is where you can create your own group to suit whatever needs you may have. In this case, let’s say you and some friends from your town or city get together to watch Netflix sometimes? Create a group specifically for that community of yours! You can add more members if the community expands. As you won’t be able to all watch the latest series together, you can at least message in real time!

When you’re free to move outside again and actually meet up with your community, the use of avatars can help you track where everyone is to ensure they safely get to your meeting point!

SmartCitti is free to download and available now from the links below




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