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Five Ways To Make Shopping More Exciting

We get it. Sometimes you just need that added spice or excitement to brighten up your regular shopping routine. Whether you’re a seasoned shopper, sale enthusiast or bag holder (we all know someone!), SmartCitti gives you the means to make your shopping trip that much more fun, especially in the top shopping destinations in Dubai!

1. Explore what’s around you using the SmartCitti EXPLORE feature.

Find nearby dining, entertainment and shopping options near you; restaurants, cafes, cinema complexes and other leisure venues are all included. Make plans quickly and easily by finding out what’s around in your location by the swipe of a finger. What’s more, rate and review local venues after your visit and be a part of the dialogue happening right now!

2. Find nearby offers and events using the SmartCitti OFFERS & EVENTS feature.

Similar to venues, discover nearby offers and events to take advantage of. Receive realtime notifications about offers in The Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Marina Mall, Ibn Battuta Mall and Souk Madinat, saving you time, money and effort, for an amazing

shopping experience.

3. Connect with your loved ones using the SmartCitti FRIENDS & FAMILY feature.

Stay in touch with friends and family during your shopping trip by connecting with each other in the digital world. Create a digital replica of yourself so your friends and family can recognise you! Locate friends, create group chats and send the latest offers and events to each other. There’s no easier way to stay connected on the move.

4. Venture into Augmented Reality using the SmartCitti AR feature.

Yes, you read that right. Just a few years ago augmented reality was a ‘cool idea’; now, SmartCitti uses the latest technology to make AR a reality in shopping malls.

5. Search the happiest places using the SmartCitti HAPPY MAP feature.

“Hold up, what’s a happy map?” you might ask. Our happy map is a collection of crowdsourced data used to build a map of a city, weighted by human happiness. In simple terms: it’s a map based on happiness.

The SmartCitti world is powered by experiences, recommendations, rewards and happiness.

Download the app now to join in the fun.



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