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Five ways to find your happiness in Dubai!

The “pursuit of happiness” is a common phenomenon in cultures everywhere. People spend valuable money, time and resources to find their happiness, sometimes without success. But hey, psst.. what if we told you there’s a simpler way to find your happiness in Dubai?

Behold the new Smart Citti app: leave your happiness, view other people’s happiness and enjoy exclusive access to Dubai’s first happy map. Be part of a new way of smart living and find the happiest places in your city - want to find out how? Here are five ways to find your happiness with the Smart Citti app:

1. Indulge in Dubai’s first happy map

“Wait, what’s a happy map?” you may ask. Our happy map is a collection of crowdsourced data used to build a map of a city, weighted by human happiness. Find the happiest places, people, venues and services all within one 3D digital twin of Dubai.

2. Leave your happiness around the city

Of course, we can’t create a comprehensive happy map without our members! You are the building blocks of this happy community, so leave your happiness in the location that you’re in and let others know how you feel. This will feed into Dubai’s happy map, enabling the community to see where the happiest spots in the city are. What’s more, you can track your own happiness journey by viewing your personal happy map - no more forgetting where you had that great meal with your friends last month!

3. Explore your surroundings

The “XPLORE” feature in the app allows you to find personalized nearby dining, entertainment and shopping options near you. Make plans quickly and easily by finding out what’s going on in your location by the swipe of a finger.

4. Rate and review

Give feedback about your experiences at local venues and discover what others in the community have said.

5. Enjoy happy news sent straight to your phone

Enjoy daily information about local news and events through our Happy Vibes series, which aims to make your life smarter, safer and happier.

Download Smart Citti from August.

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