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Fan of the sky? We have just the thing for you…

Dinner in the sky

Best thing about being high up? The majority of people would suggest it’s the view. Not many people would say the food though, perhaps because they’ve never experienced food from a height before. That’s where you come in! If you’re a foodie and love a good view, we’ve got the place you’ll want to be. Think of the pictures you’ll get from it, let alone the food!

Depending on what time you decide on going up there will depend on the menu you’ll get. The options are lunch, dinner or afternoon tea. We’re not sure which one we’d love more!

We think a sunset or night option would work well, especially for those pictures! Oh, there’s more! Dinner in the sky also provide a range of funny signs that you can have the option to include in your pictures. Our personal favourite is the “Mum doesn’t know” sign.

So all you have to do is pick a time, enjoy the food and views. We’re sure you’ll get a fab angle to capture all of Dubai behind you in that all important selfie! Opens 17 October

XLine Dubai

Fancy something a little more high speed? You could even head here after Dinner in the sky (if you’ve got a strong stomach that is!). Dubai XLine is a zipline that spans a distance of 1KM. It’s located above Dubai Marina and you can even ride alongside a friend!

Sadly, it’s a little too high speed for any good Instagram pics, going up to 60km in 2.5 seconds. On a happier note, a camera gets attached to your head so you have the option of reliving that experience from the comfort of your home, on the ground (phew). You can however also take some snaps and videos of yourself up until the takeoff platform, before you get the windswept look.

Plus, you have the option of a day or night ride! We’re not sure what we’d rather pick. What would you go for?

Hatta Zipline

Similar to XLine, but with a completely different view. Seeing as Hatta was recently featured highly in a list of Instagrammable places, this is something definitely worth mentioning. The Hatta Zipline is one of a whole load of various activities in Hatta, so there’ll definitely be something for everyone. You’ll be able to see the beautiful surroundings from a whole new angle. You can have a break from all of the adrenaline packed activities for a short while though, this zipline hasn’t reopened for the season again yet.

One thing we’d highly recommend if you decide on taking a trip up to the zipline when it reopens. Somewhere nearby to stay! We’d definitely be surprised if you didn’t try some other activities out. Now just take a moment to plan the perfect trip for when the zipline reopens! Reopening Soon.

We do have a final option, a bit of a wildcard… VR Park in The Dubai Mall! Yes, we know it’s not in the sky, but with VR, ANYTHING is possible. It could be the perfect place to convince yourself that ACTUALLY going into the sky is an idea you’re willing to go with. Good luck!


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