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Expo 2020 clothing?! AND Sustainable!

We know sometimes heading to the mall and grabbing a handful of cheap items of clothing is great, but have you considered getting a couple of pieces that would last FAR longer? That’s where Splash fits in!

It’s already started making big changes to its clothing so far, and their future plans keep on improving. Splash has made the commitment to have 50% of all total cotton of their clothing to be more sustainably sourced by 2020.

But what about right now?? Well Expo2020 is coming up fast, and guess what? Splash have partnered with Expo2020 to bring you a sustainable fashion line! The pieces are all super wearable too, check out the link below to see what they look like!


There’s WAY more in the range than you’d expect and the Expo2020 logo is featured on each piece. The best bit?! The amazingly affordable price! Prices start at AED 70, and for that quality we’ll be heading there as soon as we can!

But back to the sustainability. While they have future plans, Splash is also working in the present too. They’re an active member of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). The initiative’s aims are to improve livelihoods and economies in areas where cotton is produced and also to aim to reduce the environmental impact. Yes!

In amongst their many awards they were awarded a Grazia Style Award in 2010 for “Best Place to Spend AED 500”. Just imagine how much you could buy in Splash with that money compared to other places!

To shop the Splash x Expo2020 collection, use the link below!


Oh, the best bit? You can find a Splash store on the second floor when you hit the shops in The Dubai Mall! Yas!


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