Dubai Walls
Street art that looks smart!

The Smart Citti app can show you exactly where City Walk is located in Dubai, then you can start the hunt for the street art once you’re there! See if you can find some of the works from the artists we’ve listed below!


Tokyo born, but now residing in New York. The piece mural she created has Japanese connections and bright colours!

Beau Stanton

Stanton’ pieces can usually be found with references to religious iconography, classical painting and historical ornamentation. His street art creation is lenticular, featuring a ship, male head and female head!

Blek Le Rat

He was the first to use stencils in public street art in Europe. He created multiple Dubai pieces, consisting of black and white stencils, all of which include a rat.


His work combines the use of pop art and the surroundings of where the artwork will be situated to create the piece. The pieces you’re looking for will definitely be bright!


Specialising in typography street art, Eine uses vibrant colours to make his pieces pop out. There will be a bright yellow background to his Dubai piece to help it stand out even more.

Magda Sayeg

One of the most unique forms of street art listed here, she specialises in a technique known as yarn bombing. Look out for yarn wrapped around various items!

Nick Walker

Walker creates quirky stencil based pieces. The Dubai pieces he has created include classic ‘I love…’ tourist iconography. They’re created as black and white stencils with a splash of red colour.

The London Police

Iconic characters and architectural illustrations are the combined work of two artists. The characters are in the foreground of the Dubai mural, with architecture in the background, and a bright green sky!

Ron English

English combines pop culture imagery with his own twist on them! Look for a large scale piece with some classic pop culture icons making an appearance.


He is a Belgium based artist, focusing on animals that are usually native to the area in which he’s painting. His pieces tend to be large scale, so keep an eye out!


By far the hardest artworks to find, Slinkachu ‘abandons’ miniature figures in various positions everywhere around the world, including in Dubai’s City Walk!

Other artists who are included in this city art project are Eelus, Etam Cru, Icy and Sot, Rone and Vhils so keep your eyes peeled if you're heading to City Walk!

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