Dubai Mall Experiences
Where do we start?!

Dubai Mall really is a treasure trove, from both shopping to activities. Smart Citti have looked into the activities hidden in this mall and pinpointed them for you, so you don’t have to!

VR Park Unlimited pass for AED 200

Whatever sort of experience peaks your interest, there’ll be something for you, be it horror, sport or anything! Your can experience a variety of things, both alone and as a group. This is the perfect place to see how you’ll get on with VR!

Dubai Creek Tower Free

Situated in the Dubai Mall is a miniature replica of the Dubai Creek Tower. It will give you a taste of the grandeur of the tower once it’s built.

Hysteria Tickets AED 100 per person

Horror fans? Give Hysteria a visit, it’s an extreme fear experience. Even if you’re not a horror fan, a thrill seeker or adrenaline junkie will be sure to love it also! There’s also a retail section which sells not only related merchandise to the attraction but also various horror merchandise.

Dubai Dino Free

While exploring the Dubai Mall you may come across a more open area, featuring a huge dinosaur. The size of it will be breathtaking, it’s almost 8 metres tall and stretching nearly 25 metres. The dinosaur is thought to be about 155 million years old.

Dubai Ice Rink Children from AED 40, Adult from AED 75

Need to relax while on your shopping trip? Grab a pair of skates and take to the ice! People of all skills can have a try, even if you’ve never been on the ice before! You can take either a beginner’s or refresher class. If you’re more comfortable or skilled, come in the evening and try a disco session!

The Emirates A380 Experience Tickets from AED 325

Do you enjoy simulators and different experiences? This experience allows you to board an Emirates aeroplane and give one a whirl! You can choose from different airports to set off from, and change the weather conditions, there’s a huge variety of options to fiddle with.

KidZania Age 2-3 from AED 105, 4-16 from AED 180 and adult from AED 75

If you have children that love to do all of the things you do, take them here. It’s a child sized city themed attraction where they can roleplay properly! It will teach them the values of money and working, and if your child is over 120cm in height, you can leave them there while you have a chance to get some things done alone!

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo Tickets from AED 120

While you’re at the Dubai Mall, why not take a trip to the aquarium! You can look all around and have sea creatures surrounding you, while you walk through a clear tunnel! The aquarium also boasts the largest viewing panels in the world, so you’ll definitely not miss anything!

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