Dubai Mall and M Woods collaboration
Time to get that art fix

We know that Alserkal Avenue is truly the hub of art in Dubai but you don’t always get enough time in the day to take a trip over there, right? However, for a limited time you can get your art fix in another place.

We’re talking about one of Dubai’s biggest and most popular places. The Dubai Mall! The exhibition will show contemporary art and can be found in the Fashion Avenue area of The Dubai Mall. The dates you’ll be able to catch it are 12 March-30 April, so we’re sure you’ll be able to squeeze at least one trip to the mall within that time frame!

The contemporary art retrospective is a collaboration between M WOODS and Dubai Mall. So, you’ll be expecting a huge range of artworks if you’ve heard of them before! The museum thinks about how the artwork is displayed and organised so you could have anything from a traditional painting to a minimalist sculpture side by side.

The artists that the collaboration will pay close attention to will be current Chinese names and Post-Internet Art. Maybe you’ll find someone you’ve not heard of before, or even get some inspiration yourself!

Psst, if you like Andy Warhol, we’d recommend you seeing what’s on show! Fashion avenue seemed the ideal place to host the exhibition, as that’s where you’ll see all of the designer brands and SO many of those brands use contemporary art in their pieces.

At least the exhibition is free though, right? There’s always a silver lining!

The exhibition runs from 12 March until 30 April

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