The Future Is In Dubai
Flying taxis and happiness meters

Once a sandy wasteland Dubai has quickly become an extraordinary, innovative and breathtaking landscape of skyscrapers and prosperity. Coined as the fastest growing city in the world the emirate is certainly leading the race to becoming the smartest city on earth. With an already impressive catalogue, holding the record for the tallest structure in the world and the police rolling out in Lamborghinis, it’s no surprise that the future might well be in Dubai!

After winning the bid to host the 2020 World Expo trade convention, plans are already being carried out to show off their technological prowess, and with their Expo mantra being ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’ it’s not surprising that the city is quickly becoming an exciting, cultural hub of innovation. The ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has said that the event “will breathe new life into the ancient role of the Middle East as a melting pot for cultures and creativity” and breathe new life they have! Dubai has already test-flown a two seated unmanned drone to transport people autonomously, called the Autonomous Air Taxi (ATT) which will no doubt be useful with the influx of shopping malls, business hubs and hotels cropping up all over the emirate.

Businesses such as Meraas, the innovative company behind destinations like City Walk, BoxPark and The Outlet Village are creating a city like no other, producing exciting new initiatives around every corner of the blossoming Emirate. These projects have certainly created a need for a centralised platform to tie them all together from finding your way around, planning your journey and discovering the best places to stop along your way. That’s where Smart Citti comes in! The new smart lifestyle app will encompass everything you need to make your day to day living seamless. The holistic app will allow you to carry out even the most mundane of tasks, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy the incredible city that surrounds you.

Amongst flying cars, skyscrapers and 7 star hotels one might also want to take a moment to reflect! A difficult task with both life and taxis quite literally flying before your eyes, which brings me to the Happiness Meter. A simple yet effective function you can find all over Dubai and conveniently located in the Smart Citti app. Not only can you rate your own mood, you can see the mood of the entire city on the Smart Citti map. What’s better than checking a rating for a restaurant? Checking the vibe! Browse the happy map to see where people are having the most fun, and areas to avoid! So where is the happiest place in Dubai? Well I’ll let you see for yourself!

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