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Dubai Food Festival

Who doesn’t love a good festival?

Festivals bring people together.

Allow you to experience new, exciting things.

Celebrate something special - in this case, food!

Dubai’s first Food Festival started a few years ago, from 21st February – 15th March 2014. The objective was to bring together a universal love of Dubai’s countless delicacies. Top chefs showcased their bespoke dishes and twists on classic recipes. Aspiring young chefs were in attendance as well, not so much to showcase their work, but to gather inspo, network and gain recognition. The cuisines available at the festival included over 200 different nationalities, so there was never a threat of repetition or boredom when it comes to the food or people!

This year’s event will be held from 26th February – 14th March and includes masterclasses at prolific restaurants where you can learn from some of the best chefs in the region, experience experimental dining, themed tours, and gourmet tasting, to name but a few.

Choose to experience a three-day event, ‘A Taste of Dubai’, where top chefs will be on hand to showcase their elite-level food. Sampling sessions, workshops, professional speakers and entertainment are all included. Young and upcoming talent are expected to display their bestselling dishes and gather feedback, while enjoying the buzzing atmosphere of this yearly festival. Expect to meet and learn from some of the best chefs in the UAE, as well as an assortment of likeminded and interesting people, all with one thing in common: a unified appreciation of great food.

Another popular event which occurs throughout Dubai’s annual Food Festival is the insanely popular Etisalat Beach Canteen; a place where homegrown and international food recipes are on display for the whole family to enjoy on a beautiful, sandy beach. First time visitors can enjoy the numerous food trucks, live entertainment and great atmosphere, all while enjoying an amazing sunset by the beach.

Whatever your taste, there’s something to suit everyone at the Dubai Food Festival 2020!

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