Dubai Dino
Free and in the Dubai Mall? Yes!

We’d like to think that if you’ve been to the Dubai Mall you’ll have seen this, it’s big enough! But if not we thought we’d help you out a little!

So, located in amongst the various shops of Dubai Mall you’ll find a HUGE dinosaur skeleton! Maybe you yourself love dinosaurs, or have children who are dinosaur mad? You might as well go and see the skeleton then right? Especially as it’s completely free!

You’re going to need a rough location to help you, so… the skeleton is located under the Souk Dome. If you look on Dubai Mall’s map, it’s even shown on there to help you out that bit more!

Once you’ve found the dinosaur, you’ll notice it has the details of the specific dinosaur, when it would have been roaming the world and where the skeleton was found! Maybe get someone to guess what dinosaur they think it is for added fun!

There are also screens surrounding the skeleton which will give you a bit more insight into the dinosaur and various facts, so it’ll be great for informing anyone curious about any details!

So why not have a hunt when you’re getting fed up of trailing around the shops, plus it’ll save you some money as it’s free, right?

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