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There’s a new hotel WHERE?!

Yep, there’s a brand new hotel. It’s pretty big so we’d be surprised if you haven’t seen it yet! So if you’ve not seen it yet I bet you’re wondering where it’s located right..?

Well there’s a big clue in the name… The hotel is named ‘Address Fountain Views’ so the location is, you guessed it, very close to The Dubai Mall! Across the road, to be precise. The hotel is made up of 3 big towers and has stunning views of the Dubai Fountain. What a view you’ll get! Take a peek at one of their rooms below!

There’s more… we said it was across the road from The Dubai Mall? When it opens in October there will be a DIRECT link to the mall via a link bridge! This hotel is Emaar’s 7th to open under their ‘Address’ brand, so they definitely know how to make it work! They also know what their customers, both business and leisure, want and need, so expect this hotel to be PACKED with various necessities.

We’ll even let you in on a few… The main one and definitely a necessity, as we’re sure you’ll all know is the various restaurants located right inside the hotel. The main restaurant is aptly named ‘The Restaurant’ and offers you a choice of seating options, both open and private. Perfect for any business meetings!

Perhaps you want to let your hair down a little but don’t know Dubai and its nightlife very well? You could always head to the bar. The bar is called ‘Moss & Moon’. It’s themed after British locals but with an elegant twist. With a wide selection of hand-crafted beverages expertly mixed what’s not to love?

For those of you that need a gym in the hotel you’re staying at, Address have taken this into consideration too. So, they have the essential fitness centre for you. But there’s more! They’ve also packed a yoga studio and spa into this hotel. Oh, and not one, not two, but THREE outdoor swimming pools. So you’ve got options for that morning swim.

Lastly, if you’re travelling with kids they’ll help you out too. We know as much as you love the kids, sometimes a break from them while away is golden. For those children between 2 and 12, there’s a club called Qix Club, conveniently located in the hotel again. Now what are you going to do with those precious hours of peace?!

We’re trying to think of an excuse to book in already! What with it’s superb location, close to SO many attractions, and all of the above we’ve mentioned!

Address Fountain Views is currently taking bookings from October 1st.

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