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It’s no myth that technology is rapidly transforming the world we live in, including the hospitality industry. Gone are the days of arranging room bookings through travel agencies and telephone calls. Guests can now book at the tap of a finger and receive confirmation in a matter of seconds - as well as expecting a seamless and immaculate level of service from booking to checkout. Clearly, consumer expectations are increasing and it’s now imperative for hotels to leverage tech-based solutions to enhance the guest experience.

It’s easy, you might think. Install the newest tech. Utilize it to fulfil your needs. That’ll make the job easier, faster and more efficient. But simply installing a new piece of software does not equate to utilizing the full value of a platform. It is only through creating a digital twin of your hotel that it is then possible to combine and unify the different systems across your business to create a seamless operational unit, maximising the use of location-based information to drive hotel success and guest satisfaction.

Smart Citti provides a foundation to unify those hospitality systems, creating a fully integrated platform strategy, to help streamline your operational needs and produce tangible, real results. For many, ‘smart’ technology means a variety of IoT connected devices, collaboratively sensing, adapting, and providing for users within a specified environment. But we take this a step further. Here at Smart Citti, ‘smart’ entails IoT devices integrated with machine learning and artificial intelligence to automatically manage a range of customer interactions, providing a whole solution for your hospitality needs. By creating a digital twin of your business, the technology employed consolidates numerous innovative solutions to drive efficient hotel operations and create personalized guest experiences, bringing your hotel to the forefront of great hospitality service.

Here are 5 ways Smart Citti can push your business to maximise its potential, while simultaneously fulfilling the changing needs of your customer:

1. Self service

Despite a huge demand for self-service, adoption within the hospitality industry has, so far, lagged. Remote check-in is now a given for airports, and many guests will expect the same for their hotels, extending this to room service, restaurant, spa, gym and meeting room bookings. The elimination of human interaction for simple tasks is gaining popularity fast, with guests expecting to be able to use their phone or tablet to ease their hotel experience, removing the need to stand in queues after a long flight or interacting with hotel staff over the phone. A vital component of the guest experience is quick, easy, and non-disruptive access to the services the hotel provides; basic guest requests can be automated with the right technology, streamlining the guest experience and allowing for greater satisfaction.

Shifting power to the palm of a guest’s hand allows them to control their experience from the moment they check in, with everything from room service to in-room controls. This sort of technology enables hotel staff to move away from the once-mandatory duties and focus on other activities to enhance the guest experience, manage automated requests more efficiently and provide a more memorable customer service experience. For example, automated check-in saves time, desk space, eliminates any human errors, allows front-desk staff to focus on greeting guests the moment they enter the hotel and fulfilling any immediate service requests, while providing the best customer experience value.

2. A personalised customer experience

New technological innovations means it’s now easier than ever to provide that personal touch for each guest. As guests interact within the platform, a constructive guest profile is built and allows your hotel to cater to anticipate the next request, before it’s even made. For example, micro-targeted offers, notifications, past preferences and loyalty schemes all feed into providing a consistent customized guest experience.

From preferred room temperature, food, music, past purchases and personalised deals (such as 30% off the spa service they enjoyed the last time they visited), enables a property to interact with target customers in real time, increasing the effectiveness of your efforts and reducing costs marketing/operational costs. Leveraging data recorded into the central system is your opportunity to understand your guests better and let them feel they’re truly valued.

3. Location services and navigation through the app

Being able to understand where your staff and guests are located at any given time creates all kinds of opportunities to improve the guest experience, from delivering specific services to guests to helping staff operate more efficiently. For example, providing navigation routes to your hotel using a 3D map, guiding visitors to a specific meeting room, their car, or the closest staff member and knowing when guests arrive/leave your property, can all be achieved through guest recognition and location-based solutions, which is set to revolutionize hotel service.

4. Augmented reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is transforming the way customers perceive and react to the environment they are in. Smart Citti can provide a AR capability, enhancing your hotel environment to provide the best guest experience. Through interactive hotel rooms, AR-powered signage and gamification, AR technology can make information readily available to customers (as well as enjoyable), with the least amount of effort from your staff.

5. “Live” dashboards

With real-time dashboards offering multiple system overviews, it’s easier than ever to monitor the performance and conditions of all the integrated systems in your hotel, in one place. Occupancy rates, cleaning times, staff hours, peak travel times and room usage analytics, all within a centralised platform, push the service experience to a completely new level; the focus is not only on improving customer experience but also better workflow optimisations, employee satisfaction and cost savings.

As can be seen, unlike most of the systems offering system unification, this ability to precisely position assets within the virtual world allows for delivery of a wide range of services, from simple navigation within the property, to smart building management, smart operations, automated workflows and asset tracking, and even automated HR deployment. The power of utilizing the IoT correctly within your business and centralizing the actions within a truly smart 3D contextual model is exponential. Unifying your systems into a single location, and intelligently interrogating your data to connect every aspect of your operations and communications, has the potential to create a hotel with a truly connected, empowering experience.

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