AI Everything Summit 2019
Augmenting World Happiness

As the year’s most anticipated summit, AI Everything 2019 did not disappoint! From robots shooting hoops, serving coffee and performing realtime crowd analytics, to presentations and workshops by industry experts and AI enthusiasts, there was plenty to take in at the world’s largest and leading artificial intelligence summit.

Held at the Dubai World Trade Centre on 30th April and 1st May 2019, the AI Everything Summit was a unique opportunity for governments, businesses, social enterprises and the creative economy to come together, showcase brilliant and innovative ideas, collaborations, partnerships and breakthroughs in the field of AI.

The event was truly an eye-opener! Featuring more than 100 exhibitors from 25 countries, the two-day event brought together the globe’s best and brightest minds to discuss the progression of AI in the world today. Here are just a few picks of what we loved at this years summit:

Robots shooting hoops

Well, why would this not be a favorite? AI within sports is an area that will always amaze and garner attention, especially as robots use artificial intelligence to learn and improve their performance, achieving that perfect shot even easier than the pros. While it was all fun and games to watch three hoops in a row, though, it definitely begs the question: are we seeing a shift in sporting and sports analytics? As sports continue to embrace AI, will machines domineer over humans?


As a renowned tech company and gold sponsor of the Summit, Microsoft were sure to exhibit hands-on AI experiences, exciting case studies and inspiring demos. Alongside insightful presentations and keynotes, the Microsoft booth showcased various AI innovations built on the Microsoft platform, including real-time business insights solutions, facial recognition and people analytics in live videos.


Telecoms giant Huawei was a platinum sponsor for the event, showcasing industry leading AI infrastructure, comprising of cloud, edge and terminal solutions to build, connect and contribute to a fully connected, intelligent world. This comes just as Etisalat chose Huawei to deploy the 5G network in the country this year - exciting stuff!


This Dubai-based recruitment platform uses a network of freelance recruiters and an AI assistant to help companies hire employees for different types of positions. Unlike conventional recruitment practices, Searchie’s AI assistant uses machine learning and video to evaluate candidates for their behavior, skills, and even cultural fit, allowing an organisation to find the perfect fit for the role.

The UAE is making huge efforts to diversify the economy and enhance the ease of business and living through Ai, in order to augment world happiness and make the world a better place. And there’s nowhere better to witness this but at Ai Everything!

If you missed this year’s event, don’t worry, it’s back next year from 10-11 March 2020. See you there!

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