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New Years fireworks in Dubai!

We all know how ridiculously busy Dubai can get in places on New Years Eve, and we’re not surprised. Let’s face it, Dubai puts on a show. So why not play things a little differently this New Years? We’re thinking, meal with a view? If that sounds like your thing then read further! Just make sure to book ASAP, as we’re positive places will get booked, and fast.

If you’re looking for views of the Burj Khalifa for a decent price then we’d definitely consider this option! Larder in the Radisson Blu Hotel, located at Dubai Waterfront is offering a number of options, one including the use of their terrace! The package starts from 7pm and at Dhs599 for house beverages and terrace access, we definitely think it’s a good option that definitely doesn’t break the bank.

If you want to find somewhere a little less packed for the magnificent Burj Khalifa show there’s two options for you. It does mean being a bit further away, but hopefully that means a little less busy for you, right?! The first option is Business Bay. If you get a good enough spot expect to see the Burj Khalifa light up with no buildings behind it! We’re thinking that would be a fab shot. Now, onto the next option, Design District. There’s plenty of art to be found in this area to give you some inspiration for your next Instagram picture! Again, make sure you walk around the area to find the best angle possible for viewing the Burj Khalifa later on in the evening.

So, like we said some places will get booked, and fast for the Burj Khalifa. That’s why we’ve looked into alternative options for you! We’re thinking, why not grab a bite earlier on in the day, at home (or while you’re checking out sales in the mall!) and then find a fab spot to stand and wait for the show that will bring in the new year!

That being said, here’s your first option. There’s more than one spot to catch fireworks at, so head over to Souk Madinat Jumeirah if you want to catch the Burj Al Arab fireworks! There are a number of restaurants situated there also, if you wanted to try grabbing some food there and watching the view from a seat, don’t forget that this will most likely come at a price though! Still wanting to check out the Burj Al Arab fireworks? Our top alternative option would be to head down to Kite Beach earlier on in the day, get a spot and relax. Take some food for a picnic and there you go! A perfect firework watching spot!

We know that Atlantis the Palm is always a popular spot anyway for some good pictures. So, combine that with New Years celebrations and you’ve got a great option! Now, where’s the best spot right? There’s a few, so we’ll start off with the one that could get busy quickly. If you can get to the outskirts of Bluewaters you should have a stunning view of The Palm and the fireworks, but just be aware that it could be a nightmare when it comes to leaving! (like anywhere though really). You also have The Pointe or the huge long Palm Jumeirah boardwalk to get a spot down!

Or, there’s one new option on the cards this year. The Dubai Frame which can literally frame the perfect show of Dubai, with the Burj Khalifa in the background, yes, that one. Well this year they’re set to host their own fireworks show! So if you get just the right spot, you could have a view of the Dubai Frame’s fireworks with the rest of Dubai in the background! How’s that for a change of scenery!?

Good luck finding a great spot, let us know what you picked and how it was!

Happy New Year!

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