5 places to get your smoothie fix
Helping you to keep healthy AND hydrated

Sometimes we need something other than a nice iced tea to cool down with right? And we know that you’ll feel great after some fruit (maybe even some veg!?) so we’ve rounded up the best places to grab some tasty smoothies from!

Lime Tree Cafe

Nobody said you weren’t allowed to have a little treat to go with your smoothie did they? You could have a lovely slice of cake to balance out your smoothie here if you felt like it. We won’t tell anyone, don’t worry.

Jungle Juice

Can’t have dairy? Jungle Juice have both dairy and non-dairy options to choose from! Maybe you want to feel super healthy? They also do superfood juices too, as well as high protein options, great for before you head to the gym.

Juice World

If you’re looking for some food to go with a smoothie, Juice World has them both in one place! Vegetables, sandwiches and chicken are all on the menu, as well as a huge selection of juices to wash down the food with. Oh, and don’t forget to check out the huge fruit sculptures around the stores, you definitely can’t miss them!

Acai Express

Is the heat getting to you now? Need something just that bit colder than a cold smoothie? Acai Express also offer slushies! With refreshing flavours like watermelon and coconut you’ll be feeling refreshed again in no time!

Fit Fresh

We all know that sometimes it’s a struggle to fit in eating or drinking, let alone healthily! Here’s where Fit Fresh helps you out. They’ll deliver right to your doorstep, and their drinks come in sealed bottles so why not stock up! Oh, they also do fresh salads too, even better!

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